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Cruiser Straight

Cruiser Straight


People: "Where do you shop?" Me: (shoulder shrug) "everywhere"

Once I've adopted my own style it didn't really matter what store I walked into. I would somehow find a piece and make it my own. Of course, there are my go-to spots based on cost and quality - but that being said, I'm not sure a wardrobe should be limited to one specific brand. 



I mean, who doesn't? It's a rare day when I go into one of these stores and come out with nothing. With the combination of great deals and unique finds, I'm always excited to come back for more. 



These pair of  jeans are my favorite. It's the highlight of the ensemble. I mean, how cute is the two-toned pieced detail?

Madewell is the most consistent brand in my wardrobe. They are always up to date with trends and the quality of their jeans are worthy.

Side note: I'm so glad today's fashion is heading beyond the skinny jean. Slowly, I'm trading them in for straight, wide, and flared. Options are always great, especially if you're looking for variety in your looks.

*cruiser straight crop jeans: pieced edition



I have received so many compliments over the years about these heals. Yes, I said years - 3 years to be exact. It's been through a lot of tread and mud. Therefore, it can possibly use a good polishing, lol. All in all, it's such a great shoe when I need a pop of color.


Mom's Closet

Mom's Closet

Year One

Year One