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Mom's Closet

Mom's Closet

This outfit holds so much nostalgic value. Every item but one is attached to a memory and or sentiments of affection. Who knew an ensemble can tell a story?


Urban Outfitters


I love hats. And now that the weather is getting cool, I'm excited to wear more of them. I have been wanting to rock a beret for a while now - Urban Outfitters has great options.


H&M &


Mom's Closet


How cute is this vintage tee?! It was given to me by a close friend of mine, fellow blogger, Heartlyspoken. She's the type of friend that blesses and doesn't ask for anything in return. In turn, I've been wearing this tee tucked in with everything!

My favorite piece out of the ensemble? You guessed it, this vintage wool blazer straight from my mom's closet. I'm always in search of something new/old every time I go home. This is my latest find. 

Side note: My mom is my hero. In the future, look out for posts about mom and her remarkable story. 


Friday's Project


Friday's Project is one of many charming boutiques in Madrid, Spain. Their style is simple and effortless.  A year ago, I couldn't find much of cropped flared jeans anywhere. So, of course, I was pretty excited when I saw these there. *My husband bought these for me back while we were on our honeymoon.




I have exhausted these shoes. If you do a close up, the top piece of the heel is destroyed. C'mon, do you blame me? I'm in love with the style! The subtleness of the leopard print gives the right amount of edge in any outfit. 

Side note: Growing up, I was my brother's muse. He didn't buy cheap. Therefore, a lot of my pieces he bought, I still wear today, including the heels above.  




Cruiser Straight

Cruiser Straight