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“Plan, predict, do your research, do that all ten times and then go for it and throw that all out the window!!!” - Kate Thoene, co-owner of Wish boutique in Acton, MA

I heard about Kate through a close friend of mine. He said, “you will love her, you should visit her store!” And that’s what I did. My husband and I were greeted with such warmth and beauty. Not to mention, gained much insight about the business by Kate and her mom.

What is the story behind the name of your store, “Wish?”

From the very beginning we knew our store was meant to be “Wish”. It was our dream come true and our Wish for every woman to be able to find clothing she looks and feels amazing in.


For someone who is not familiar with your boutique, can you explain the style of your clothing you carry in three words?

Our style is unique, casual, and fun.

I think it’s really cool that your boutique is a mom and daughter owned business. How is working and running a business with family?

It has been amazing to work together. I spent years living on the west coast which has given me a real appreciation for spending quality time with my family.  We are very different and balance each other out nicely. 

What is your favorite thing about owning your own store?

The endless possibilities. It’s so fun knowing that this could become as big as we dream!  Everyday we come to work and have new adventures, no two days are the same!


We know owning your own business isn’t easy. What keeps you both going?

We love it! And it’s working, we have a successful store and enjoy coming to work every single day - that makes it pretty easy to keep going even if we’ve had a bad day!

If you have one advice for someone who is following their dreams, what would it be?

Plan, predict, do your research, do that all ten times and then go for it and throw that all out the window!!!  

So what it next for Wish Acton? What is something that we can look forward to seeing with your brand? 

More of us! We’re not sure exactly what the future holds but it’s definitely growth. Whether it be e-commerce or additional locations you’ll be seeing more of us for sure!!


All the above dresses and purses are from their boutique in Acton, MA. Follow them @wish.acton to be on top of their collection. Also, make sure to give them a visit! Expect great options and high quality customer service!

- mal

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Cambodian Blogger Feature