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My Summer Essentials

My Summer Essentials

Summer was never my favorite season, for various reasons: I don’t like the heat. I am not a beach person. I would rather wear more clothes than less. And, it always reminded me of unmet goals.

Every year was the same. I would approach the season making all these fun plans and before you know it, end of August would arrive, and I realize I’ve only committed to a few.

It was never a big deal for me because fall was around the corner. September is where it’s at. That’s when all the good stuff happens. For example, I will be celebrating my two year wedding anniversary, Jeremy turns 30, and my church will turn 3. And let’s be serious, no fashion is better than fall fashion. I already have a few sweaters in mind to wear to embrace that crisp, cool breeze. Therefore, I find myself rushing through summer expecting fall will bring the good times.

But not this summer. This summer is different. I mean, why can’t good memories come out of this season, now? 

Here are my goals to having a better summer.

1. Shabbat 

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I work at a college. This is my first year working throughout the summer. All school year, it was nonstop business - it’s just the nature of the job. So, when summer arrived and students left, things began to slow down and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I started to feel guilty for not doing as much. I found myself sitting still on my porch, but my mind racing. Before I knew it, anxiety would arise. I wasn’t sure why. I guess it’s because I always equated being busy with productivity. It also doesn't help that I live in Boston where our mentality is always to be on the go. With the help of my church, I realized God was teaching me something. He is teaching me what true Shabbat is; Jesus.

I am learning when you are busy or still, that true rest comes from dwelling in His presence. When I started to embrace that, things began to change. I started to enjoy my summer. I find myself at peace, my mind clear and my heart prepared. I was rejuvenated and restored for what’s to come.

2. Dresses

Dresses are my summer uniform. I love any attire that is effortless and easy.  This ensemble is perfect for these scorching and lazy days. Catch me this summer in a dress and know it's from Target. This cute yellow piece included. How cute are the ruffle sleeves?

3. Discipline

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I’m not blogging just to blog. I’m hoping it can be part of my vocation so I can inspire others on a larger scale. But we know things like that don’t happen over night. I need to take the necessary steps towards the goal. 

So how am I  making that a priority? What am I willing to let go of, and what do I need to do more? I am taking advantage of this extra time and working on my discipline. Alone time with God is so important. That is usually how my topic for my posts arise. I am writing more and reading more. As I’m doing the little things consistently, even in this short period of time, I see God opening doors. 

I am not going to get this summer back. Fall is right around the corner and another school semester will begin. Holiday decorations are in stock rooms as we speak, ready to rush the year out. And before you know it, we are counting down into 2019. 

I'm honestly just trying to have my summer essentials be a lifestyle.

So go travel to that city, read that book, save that money, and spend time with those friends. Just make sure you are present and still; that way you will fully appreciate and enjoy what God has for you now.

- mal



he's not perfect

he's not perfect